Comfort Food Pack #1

Comfort Food Pack #1


1kg Beef Mince - Certified Organic Premium Beef Mince

1kg Certified Organic Beef Chuck - Diced ready for the hearty casserole.

4 x NY Sirloin Steaks - Treat yourself! Pan Fry or BBQ these Certified Organic Beef Steaks are a winner.

4 x Free Range Chicken Breasts - Lean and Versatile, chicken breast is a staple of the weeks meal plan.

8 x Free Range Chicken Drumsticks - Quick and tasty, grill, bake pan fry or BBQ. Too easy!

8 x Free Range Chicken Wings - Add your favourite herbs or marinade, add to a broth, or bake for some tasty finger food.

4 x Pork Chops - Pan fry or BBQ these chops are great with salad or vegetables.

6 x Gluten Free Beef and Lamb Sausages.

6 x Gluten Free Pork Sausages

4 x Lamb Shanks - Ready to slow cook in your favourite winter dish.

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